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The University of Utah is offering upper division courses in three degree programs at the Juniper Building at the Herriman Campus in Fall 2023. These courses also fulfill bachelor’s degree requirements; all University of Utah student are welcome to enroll in them today!

After the 2023-24 academic year, the University of Utah will phase in additional bachelor’s degree programs in business, education, and social and behavioral sciences.

Transfer admissions for the Herriman Campus is open and follows the regular University of Utah transfer admissions calendar. The university is launching three academic programs at the Herriman Campus in Fall 2023: Economics (B.S.), Human Development and Family Studies, and Financial Planning and Counseling (B.S.). To apply, please complete the steps for admissions as a transfer student listed at the link below.

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Economics <br /> Program
Economics investigates all the big questions of today, from globalization, inequality, and sustainability to the future of jobs. In the process, economics students hone skills in critical and analytical thinking and writing. A major in economics provides a deep and rich foundation that will propel your career in any direction you want to take.
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Human Development & Family Studies Program
Human Development & Family Studies Program
Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) focuses on understanding human growth and development across the lifespan. HDFS integrates knowledge from various disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics and biology to provide a contemporary and comprehensive understanding of human behavior and family dynamics; and the impact cultural and societal factors have on the individual and families. Students gain practical knowledge in research methods, data analysis, and effective communication through classes and real-life opportunities.
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Financial Planning & Counseling Program
Financial Planning & Counseling Program
The Financial Planning and Counseling program focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of personal finance, investment strategies, risk management, retirement and estate planning, tax planning, and other relevant topics. Students will learn about ethical standards and regulations that govern the financial planning industry.
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Fall 2023 Course Schedule

ECON 3200
Money & Banking
Class# 19402
ECON 3500
Intntl Economics
Class# 19224
FCS 3200
Research Methods
Class# 19221
FCS 3500
Financial Skills
Class# 19404